2. Access BindPlane OP UI

The BindPlane UI can be accessed with your browser on port 3001. The URL will be http://<IP Address>:3001 with IP Address being the IP of the BindPlane server. To log in, use the credentials you specified when running the init command.


Overview of the UI

Once you've access the BindPlane OP UI you'll find the following pages.


The Overview page has a summary of the flow and consumption of your configurations and destinations. It's used to get a quick understanding of your overall throughput for metrics, logs, and traces.

The ability to sort to the "Top Three" will let you see the Configurations and Destinations with the most consumption at a glance.


This is the first stop to quickly view your fleet of agents. From this page you can navigate to view agent configuration, status, or errors directly by clicking on the agent name. Alternatively you can see which configuration resources are deployed to these agents in the "Configuration" column. Easily narrow your view with the search bar and suggested filters.


Here is the entry point to view all your current configurations. Its from here where you can select a configuration to edit or create a new configuration with the button on the top right.


Here is where you'll find all your reusable destination resources. In particular any Destinations that you have created inside configurations can be viewed, edited, and deleted on this tab.

Now that you've gotten access to the UI, let's help you get your first agent installed.