The BindPlane OP Client allows you to remotely manage your BindPlane OP server. It allows you to view agents, modify configurations, and create custom resource types.

Debian, RHEL, and Alpine packages are available for BindPlane OP Client. The packages will install the same binary included with the BindPlane OP Server package, but will not create a user, config, log, storage directory, or service. To see a full list of supported packages, see the Downloads page.

Once installed, the bindplane command will be available and can be used to connect to a BindPlane OP Server. See the Configuration page for configuration instructions.

Installing Client


The client can be installed by downloading the correct package and placing the binary in your path.

Installing Client (AMD64)

mkdir bindplane
curl -L -o bindplane/
unzip bindplane/ -d bindplane/
sudo mv bindplane/bindplane /usr/local/bin/bindplane

Uninstalling Client

rm /usr/local/bin/bindplane


Installing Client

Any macOS version 10.13 or newer is supported by BindPlane OP.

curl -fsSlL | bash -s --


BindPlane OP Server on macOS

The macOS client includes some server configuration, however BindPlane OP Server is not officially supported on macOS

Uninstalling Client

rm -f ~/bin/bindplane

Uninstalling Client

rm -f ~/bin/bindplane
rm -rf ~/.bindplane