Google Marketplace Deployments

BindPlane OP Enterprise Edition can be deployed from the Google Marketplace

This guide will walk you through deploying BindPlane OP Enterprise on a GCE instance using the Google Cloud Deployment Manager.

Deploying and Configuring BindPlane OP Enterprise

Navigate to BindPlane OP Enterprise offering in the Google Marketplace Here. From the Overview tab, click ‘Launch’ to start configuring your deployment.

Note: BindPlane OP Enterprise requires an enterprise license. Reach out to the observIQ sales team for more information.

Deploying the image

From the New BindPlane Enterprise deployment page, provide a friendly Deployment name and choose a Zone:

Configure your Machine type and Storage

Under the Machine type and Boot Disk sections, leave the default recommended values for Series, Machine Type, Book disk type, and Boot disk in size in GB*. Note: these are observIQ’s recommended settings, the machine type and boot disk size can be changed based on the size and scale of your monitored environment.

Configure Networking

Under the Networking section, select the default interface, verify the ‘Allow TCP port 3001’ from the internet’ is checked, and enter ‘’ as the Source IP range.

Deploy the BindPlane OP Enterprise Image

Review the GCP Marketplace and observIQ Terms of Service, and deploy the image.

This will kick off the deployment within the Cloud Deployment Manager. A typical BindPlane OP Enterprise deployment takes about 2 minutes.

Accessing BindPlane OP Enterprise

After deploying the image, follow the on-screen instructions to SSH into the GCE VM hosting BindPlane OP, view and change the default password, and find the public and set a static IP for your instance.

After following the settings in the marketplace, BindPlane OP interface will be available with the Ports that you configured. For next steps, follow our Quickstart guide, starting on Step 2 for Accessing the BindPlane UI