Increase Max Open Files Limit

File Handles

Linux processes are limited to 1024 open file handles by default. BindPlane's file handles consist of network connections and open files.

You can use the following calculation to determine the estimated number of open file handles by BindPlane: 500 + (2 * Number of Agents). For example, if you have 200 agents, you can expect to see up to 900 file handles.

The number of file handles will differ between BindPlane configurations. For example, when using PostgreSQL as a storage backend, BindPlane will use up to 100 network connections by default. When using Bolt Store, BindPlane will consume one file handle.

Using 500 file handles as a base allows the calculation to account for all BindPlane OP configurations.

Configure Max File Handles

BindPlane OP relies on the systemd option LimitNOFILE to limit the maximum number of open files. By default, this value is 10000.

You can configure the max open files by using a Systemd override. Run the following command:

sudo systemctl edit bindplane

Modify the unit file's override to look like this:

After saving the file, you can reload systemd and restart BindPlane.

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl restart bindplane