Kubernetes Cluster Metrics

Collect cluster level metrics from the Kubernetes API

Supported Platforms

OpenShift 4

Configuration Table

cluster_name*stringThe cluster name which will be added as the k8s.cluster.name resource attribute.
node_conditions_to_reportenumsallEnable or disable which node conditions should be included in metrics collection.
allocatable_types_to_reportenumsallAllocatable resource types to report.
collection_intervalint60sHow often to collector metrics from the Kubernetes API
distributionenumkubernetesThe Kubernetes distribution. Used to enable support for OpenShift quota metrics.

*required field

Example Configuration

The Kubernetes Cluster metrics source has one required parameter:

  • Cluster Name: The name of the cluster, which will be inserted as the k8s.cluster.name resource attribute
  • If running on OpenShift, you can select OpenShift as the Kubernetes Distribution in order to collector quota metrics.

Once running on an agent, metrics will look like this: